Getting Association Strategy Right

The Beta test for Getting Association Strategy Right is LIVE. Sign up for 50% of the final retail cost and get the final series at no additional cost. You will also earn 2 CAE credits. Just provide me with feedback on each video between now and February 15th. I will be sharing everything I know about successful association strategy, including my unique 7-step model that I use as my internal guide when working with my CEO clients. Interested? Sign up here

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Seth loves strategy.  Why? Because strategy provides escape velocity, the ability to break free of your current gravitational field and achieve new heights. These heights can be measured in three ways: growth, relevance, and market leadership.

These three results are so important that Seth is building a new video series that shows step-by-step how he does strategy for his best association CEOs. You are invited to participate this January in the Beta test at a 50% discount. 

If you take and pass the included tests, I will provide 2 hours of CAE certification credits for your participation.

Here is what a well-formulated strategy can do for you:

  1. Growth – Increase membership, revenue or market penetration.
  2. Relevance – Ensure your members and potential members feel they must belong to your organization.
  3. Market Leadership – Dominate in your niche, be the go-to organization for the mission impact you provide.

Seth will be folding in everything he has learned over the last 15 years working with stellar leaders, their boards and senior leadership teams. He will show you his personal 7-step model to develop the kind of strategy that can take your organization to unprecedented impact.

Curious? Here are the seven steps:

  1. Leadership – Learn who should drive the process to create the best results and how.
  2. Market Intelligence – Identify and analyze what’s going on in your space including your sector and your members’ work worlds.
  3. Member Intelligence – Find out exactly what members and potential members care and don’t care about.
  4. Opportunities and Challenges – Identify unique possibilities for growth and the issues that will hold you back.
  5. Make Informed Decisions – Help your board make the right, business savvy choices for your organization.
  6. Organizational Capability Assessment – Do you have what it takes to seize the opportunities? If not, what to do?
  7. Game Plan – Operationalize your strategy for execution – without execution, it’s all for naught.

In addition, there are two unique viewpoints Seth brings to what makes a great association strategy:

  1. Visionary Leadership – How you and your volunteer leaders can deliver the future to your members and partners in ways that create undeniable value!
  2. Creating the Social Movement – Spark the buzz that infuses your board, staff, members and partners with enthusiasm that drives results.

Just want to know when the finished course is ready? Sign up here.

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