October 24-26, 2017 – Preparing For The Future

Get outside the traditional professional association mindset.
Dive deep into your most complex problems.
Accelerate learning through meaningful interactions with other visionaries. Learn tools and frameworks that can be put to use immediately.

Membership organizations are being reshaped by powerful economic, social and technology trends. Today leaders are being forced to act because business pressures have reached a critical threshold.

Members are facing disruption in their professions and trades. Industries that you represent are up-ending; new business models are emerging. The private sector has embraced the membership economy. Rapid advances in technology are changing member expectations.

Visionary CEOs are committed to charting new waters, investing in innovation, taking performance to new levels, confronting challenges and exploiting opportunities. In this 3-day learning event, meet Seth Kahan, an acknowledged exemplar in Change Leadership and specialist in association strategy. Kahan has worked with over 100 CEOs of US trade associations and professional societies. As leader of this workshop, Seth will share his recent work on innovation, strategic foresight, and association transformation.