Preparing For The Future

Visionary Leadership for Professional Associations

3-day Leadership Course in London, England


Accelerate learning through meaningful interactions with other visionaries and learn tools and frameworks that can be put to use immediately.


October 24th, 25th, 26th


Central London England
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(Professor Kenny Tang)

Preparing for the Future – Visionary Leadership for Professional Associations

Get outside the traditional professional association mindset.
Dive deep into your most complex problems.
Accelerate learning through meaningful interactions with other visionaries. Learn tools and frameworks that can be put to use immediately.

Membership organizations are being reshaped by powerful economic, social and technology trends. Today leaders are being forced to act because business pressures have reached a critical threshold.

Members are facing disruption in their professions and trades. Industries that you represent are upending; new business models are emerging. The private sector has embraced the membership economy. Rapid advances in technology are changing member expectations.

Visionary CEOs are committed to charting new waters, investing in innovation, taking performance to new levels, confronting challenges and exploiting opportunities. In this 3-day learning event, meet Seth Kahan, an acknowledged exemplar in Change Leadership and specialist in association strategy. Kahan has worked with over 100 CEOs of US trade associations and professional societies. As leader of this workshop Seth will share his recent work on innovation, strategic foresight, and association transformation.


  • Personal Performance Improvement: the Source of Leadership
  • Expanding Mental Models Innovation and Transformation
  • The Reinvention of Professions and Trades in the 21st Century
  • Creating Compelling Value
  • Leading Change and Influencing Others

*This event will be a combination of presentations and interaction.

Participant Mix

This programme is designed for senior executives who have a strategic role in shaping overall corporate strategy and driving membership strategy. It is suitable for business leaders (including non-executive board members and trustees) and senior managers from all business areas of the professional associations and learned societies, such as marketing, operations and strategy, who wish to develop a strategic roadmap for business transformation in their organizations.

Because of the collaborative nature of this programme, individuals and teams are encouraged to apply.

About Seth Kahan

Widely recognized as being on the forefront of Visionary Leadership® and trusted advisor to over 100 CEOs, Seth is a sought after business strategy specialist, a respected thought leader and convener on Grand Challenges and the author of the business bestsellers,Getting Change Right, and Getting Innovation Right. His next three books coming out in 2017 are (1) Grand Challenges: How Leaders Succeed by Addressing the World’s Most Intractable Problems, (2) Getting Association Strategy Right, and (3) Strategic Foresight: How Companies Identify and Act on Emerging Trends.

About Kenny Tang PhD CFA

Prominently recognized as being on the forefront of Sustainable and Ethical Leadership and trusted strategist to leading corporations, Kenny is a sought after platform and ethical strategist, a global thought leader and the author of the business bestsellers: (1) CARBONomics – A Guide to Carbon Finance; (2) WASTEnomics – Turning Waste Liabilities into Assets, (3) CRISISnomics, Climate and Credit, (4) YUANomics – Offshoring the Chinese Currency Renminbi – A Guide for Investors, Governments and Hedge Funds, (5) CITYnomics – The War Against Climate Change and (6) The Finance of Climate Change. He is a Professor of Practice at Hult International Business School.