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Getting Change Right

The definitive strategy guide for how leaders transform organizations from the inside out.

Change doesn’t flow top-down, bottom-up, or sideways, but inside-out. Real change happens only when people want it to happen; when they feel engaged. Without engagement and effective communication, you are left with two alternatives: force and failure.

In Getting Change Right, I challenge leaders to approach organizational change in a whole new way. Presenting a critical shift from the old mindset of coming up with a good idea, and then pushing it through with mandates, I show the way to successful, authentic change is through engagement – the need to connect to people, to listen as much as to share ideas, and to involve as many key people as possible in the realization of their goals. When the right people are having the right conversations and interactions, they act in concert, even when the situations they confront are unpredictable.

Filled with techniques, templates, and guidelines, Getting Change Right is first and foremost a practitioner’s guide to implementing change. Each chapter contains candid conversations with star change agents and thought leaders like John Kotter, Jim Wolfensohn, and Steve Denning.

Common ways leaders fall short when it comes to change:

  1. They broadcast their ideas through emails, town halls, management briefings, and documents.
  2. They don't take advantage of the wide variety of players required to succeed, instead focusing only on evangelists and front-line staff.
  3. They don't take the time to map the territory of change and fall into morasses that suck time, money, and energy.
  4. They don't help the groups who have the most power to accelerate change.
  5. They misuse logjams, bottlenecks, and other organizational obstacles.

These are the tactics and strategies Getting Change Right addresses and more. The book provides templates, step-by-step instructions, techniques, tools, and practical guidance on how to do the very things that maximize your chances of success.

Since 1998 I have helped leaders with change programs large and small: from a $60million/year program at the World Bank to working with $2 million organizations on revenue increases. I have identified eight core success factors for leading change. They make up the chapter titles of my book, Getting Change Right. The eight success factors are:

1. Creating Rapid Widespread Engagement

Change must travel faster than you can supervise or mandate. Learn Five Ways to Penetrate Information Overload and Five Techniques for Creating a Shared Stake in Success

2. Communicating So People Get It and Spread It

Storytelling is the key to getting your main points across in ways that they are shared and understood widely. This chapter gives instruction on how to create stories that jumpstart change.

3. Energizing Your Most Valuable Players

MVPs come in all roles and functions—some from internal core constituencies and others from outside the organization. I introduce you to the 14 types of MVPs and show you how to identify, equip, and energize them.

4. Understanding the Territory of Change

Storylistening is a technique used to create the map that will help you avoid pitfalls and utilize speed routes to successful change. I teach you how to listen and identify the Five Gems to Gather through Storylistening.

5. Accelerating Change Through Performance Communities

The fastest way to speed change through an organization is the use of performance communities. I provide everything you need to generate and build their performance.

6. Generating Dramatic Surges in Progress

Skillful change leaders know how to cluster events and activity to create powerful forward movement. I show you how to develop events that will move your people to quickly take up and participate in your program.

7. Breaking Through Logjams

Obstacles are opportunities. In this chapter I teach you to think like a SWAT team, using obstructions to advance your cause. I include my Anatomy of a Breakthrough Session including Four Requirements of a Successful Breakthrough.

8. WorkLifeSuccess in the Midst of Change

Healthy change leaders know WorkLifeSuccess is the key to sustained performance and do not take it lightly. I lay out Thirteen Viewpoints for Generating WorkLifeSuccess.

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