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Are you a senior leader who is serious about taking your career far beyond traditional leadership models? If so, Seth’s Visionary Leadership® Academy is for you. The core curriculum focuses on three areas: Self-transformation, Strategic Foresight and Leading Change. See below for a  complete listing of topics covered.

  • Invitations to member-only events. These events feature leading innovators and are only open to the CEOs Seth works with and Academy participants.
  • Earn up to 33 CAE credits through participation. Visionary Leadership® is a CAE Approved Provider
  • Immediate attention from esteemed colleagues to address your most important issues.

The academy takes place over four 5-hour sessions, plus one one overnight retreat. Session dates are scheduled once a group has been assembled.

Complete listing of topics covered in the curriculum:

  1. Personal Performance Improvement
  • Prioritizing and Time Management
  • Dealing with Urgent and Important
  • Delegation and Leveraging Your Actions
  • Leading with Noble Purpose
  • Trusting Yourself and Others
  1. Change Leadership
  • Communicating so People Get It and Spread It
  • Energizing Your Most Valuable Players
  • Understanding the Territory of Change
  • Generating Dramatic Surges in Progress
  • Breakthrough Obstacles and Logjams
  1. Innovation
  • Understanding Inflection Points
  • Private Sector Membership Models
  • Engaging Customers/Members in Innovation
  • Exploiting Disruption
  • Creating Value
  1. CEO Competencies
  • Executive Presence – Leading so others Follow
  • Taking on the Big Picture, Inside the Organization and Out
  • Creating Defining Moments Inside Your Organization
  • Strategic Reflection

Session dates for the cohort starting February 2018:

One overnight retreat and kickoff session*


*Expenses paid by participant

Four 5-hour sessions held 9:30 AM – 2:30 PM

All sessions will be determined at a later date.

Final session and graduation #Hackitup event* Locations in the Greater Washington area to be determined

* All participants are allowed a total of one session absence


Cost: $4,000 + room & board for the overnight.
$1,000 discount if your CEO has participated in my Visionary CEO Community.


Seth’s Visionary Leadership® Academy curriculum stretches far beyond traditional workshops or groups. Participants will spend dedicated time with Seth and learn his proven techniques, models and tools. They will increase their ability to contribute high-value results to their organization, advance their leadership development and participate in a professional network of like-minded visionary leaders.

The final session is the graduation ceremony where course graduates will present their final projects to kick off Seth’s #Hackitup. This event, open to association professionals, is a hugely popular. The graduate’s presentations will provoke strategic conversations on the future of associations, in creative ways. Teams from multiple associations take on opportunities and challenges they are facing today and help each other hack the solutions.

Seth has been on the forefront of visionary leadership and business strategy.  He has been a primary go-to resource for his Visionary CEO Community for years. He is highly respected for his thought leadership in innovation, change management, leadership, grand challenges and more.

This professional development experience was created by request of Seth’s CEO clients to prepare the next generation of leaders equipped to handle the realities of managing innovative organizations today.


Entrance to the academy is by application. If you are interested, please take a minute to apply now and send us your contact information.

Any CEO who participates in Seth’s Visionary CEO Community receives a $1,000 discount for each Visionary Leadership® Academy participant.

For more information about the CAE credential or Approved Provider program, please visit www.asaecenter.org/cae. As a CAE Approved Provider educational program related to the CAE exam content outline, this program may be applied for a total of 10 credits toward your CAE application or renewal professional development requirements. Note: This program is not endorsed, accredited, or affiliated with ASAE or the CAE program.

Applicants may use any program that meets eligibility requirements in the specific timeframe towards the exam application or renewal. There are no specific individual courses required as part of the applications – selection of eligible education is up to the applicant based on his/her needs.