Conversations can Mean So Much

I was prepping for a full-day session about culture change with the executive team of a scientific society when I was reminded of my work with the World Bank. Our

60th Birthday Special!

I’m super excited! Today, July 9th is my 60th birthday! I’ve circumnavigated the sun 60 times on planet Earth, and I’ve gathered a whole bevy of experiences.I’ve had the opportunity to

Stepping into Another World

Our family was invited to participate in a Geeta Yagnya, in a neighbor’s home. This is a Hindu devotional ceremony that uses the classic text, the Bhagavad Gita. It was

facilitator visionary leadership

My Facilitator’s Handbook

The best CEOs are excellent facilitators. They understand facilitation and take time to investigate liberating exercises that highlight and leverage the expertise of a group to be applied to both

The God of Small Things

Tonight (Sunday) I head out to Positano’s, a classic Italian restaurant near my house, to celebrate the birth of two works of art. The first is my wife’s new EP,

6 Questions for Strategy

Today, I want to share with you six questions that I have found extremely helpful when developing strategy. They’re specific to associations, and they are inspired by Richard Rumelt’s model


The Psychologist in an article entitled, Gratitude – Parent of all virtues, states “…around 18.5 percent of individual differences in people’s happiness could be predicted by the amount of gratitude