On Saturday I dug up my entire garden. This meant pulling out the marigold bushes that were in full bloom. Undeterred by their resplendent beauty, I was dead set on

Proactive Evolutionary Leadership

We are living in a disruptive world with tremendous pressure. Many association leaders hunkered down, figuring out how to make it back to stable ground; they are missing the boat.

The Long and Winding Road

When I was about eight years old I started attending synagogue on my own. At the time my mother was a Christian but not attending a church and my father

The Value of Diverse Leadership

When we hear the term “racial equity,” we tend to think of the beneficiaries as the employees, a limited view. For 13 years, I worked with the World Bank, where

Awake in the Dark

Last week I went on another wilderness retreat with my dog, Sita. For three days and three nights, we were off the grid in George Washington National Forest in Virginia.

Renewal and Reflection

It’s almost mid-October 2020, and the global pandemic is still not under control. Many organizations are trying to figure out how to return to serving members the way they always


Up at the park, I recently saw a group of young women sitting on the grass talking, all of them at least 10′ from each other in a large circle.

Adaptive Leadership

100 CEOs – I am talking to 100+ CEOs to learn about how the pandemic, the economy, and fight for racial justice shape their organizations. A significant shift in their

The Four Brahmaviharas

Although I am not a Buddhist, I seek wisdom wherever I can find it and Buddhism has many frameworks that I find really helpful. One of them is the “Four