Flood Warning!

With all the rains in the last few weeks, my neck of the woods just outside Washington DC has been getting emergency flood warnings. After the rains ceased I decided

questions for hotels this fall

Questions for Hotels this Fall

It’s the fall of 2021, and meetings are beginning to return. Half of the face-to-face meetings I had scheduled for September and October hare canceled due to pandemic safety concerns.


Every time I turn around it feels like there’s another major, world-changing disruption! Pandemic. Climate change. Social justice. Economic disruption. It’s hard sometimes to just get through life with all

Public Art

Wherever I go I look around me to see the local art. Above is a mural that is on display in a window in my hometown, DC. It encourages us


I have long marveled at the quintessential candy bars including the Hersheys, Reeses, Kit Kat, Milky Way, M&Ms, Snickers, Almond Joy, 3 Musketeers, Butterfinger, and on and on. You will

Foot Loose

On Long Beach in Rockport, Mass, I was carrying my sandals and enjoying the cold surf on my bare feet. Outside my regular daily orbit, I had the chance to

Walking at Dawn

Every morning my dog, Sita, and I take a long walk. It’s a special time for deep thoughts. There are many benefits I squeeze from our sunrise stroll. It gives

The Productive Zone of Disequilibrium

I discovered a tool that that is extraordinarily useful in my work with CEOs. This tool is called the Productive Zone of Disequilibrium, a term coined by Ronald Heifetz, co-developer

A Place for Everyone

I love that little guy in the picture above with his goggles on. A dog who has a job to do is a happy dog. The article says that the

Executive Presence

Executive presence is a critical factor of leadership, but what it takes to create it is still up for discussion? Is it charisma, magnetism, inspiration, or one of the many