Building Tomorrow Today

 “The future is already here – it’s just not evenly distributed.” – William Gibson, science fiction writer. During my time at the World Bank, we built 120 communities of

Down the Rabbit Hole

A dictionary defines going down the rabbit hole as a metaphor for something that transports someone into a surreal state or situation. That’s exactly what immersive technology can do. I

Flagship Event Experiences

Before March 2020, events, meetings, and conferences were face-to-face whenever and wherever possible. The COVID-19 pandemic forced us into a virtual world. Many of us have become adept at navigating

Beautiful Music

I love music, but I don’t play. However, I am extremely fortunate to have married a true artist who writes, composes, and produces beautiful music: Laura Baron! On Feb 28,

New Class on Resilience – Coming Soon

Later this month I will announce a class, carrying CAE credit, which will teach individual, team, and organizational resilience. This is specifically to help association execs as we move forward,


I have been looking for a new brain stretch. I have wanted to learn something that takes me in new directions, requires new kinds of physical skills, new ways of

OmniChannel Events

Associations were experts in bringing people together face-to-face to create value. Shelter-in-place orders, brought about by the pandemic, forced us into virtual meetings. Associations did very well. But it was


All over the world, people sweep. It’s ancient. It is the ritual of preparing, clearing, and cleaning our space. When we sweep we put things in order, arranging our world.

Beyond Individual Needs

How many colors can we see? Around 4 million, but all of them are combinations of just three colors that our eyes are designed to see: red, blue, and green.

Tell them about the dream!

When Martin Luther King, Jr, prepared his remarks for his speech in front of the Lincoln Memorial during the March on Washington he originally planned to make it short and