Content Gives Way to Context and Convening

While working at the World Bank as a Knowledge Analyst I witnessed a significant change in how knowledge was amassed and applied for greatest impact. Previously, the emphasis had been on certain individuals, those remarkable people recognized for their exceptional experience and acumen. However, aided by collaborative technology, communities of professionals brought their collective know-how …

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Your Customers’ Customers

In my work I am always talking to business leaders preoccupied with the growing edge. Here is one thing the most forward thinking have in common: they are continually focused on understanding and serving their customers’ customers. While many customers don’t have extra bandwidth right now, one thing they all thinking about is how to …

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Value is in the Eye of the Beholder

Many people forget this to their detriment. As a result they are perceived as overbearing, heartless, or inconsiderate. Communication, marketing and outreach efforts backfire, generating more animosity than good will. Take, for example, the recent situation in Japan where several restaurant chefs earned one or more Michelin stars, one of the culinary world’s great honors. …

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