Every time I turn around it feels like there’s another major, world-changing disruption! Pandemic. Climate change. Social justice. Economic disruption. It’s hard sometimes to just get through life with all

Public Art

Wherever I go I look around me to see the local art. Above is a mural that is on display in a window in my hometown, DC. It encourages us


I have long marveled at the quintessential candy bars including the Hersheys, Reeses, Kit Kat, Milky Way, M&Ms, Snickers, Almond Joy, 3 Musketeers, Butterfinger, and on and on. You will

Foot Loose

On Long Beach in Rockport, Mass, I was carrying my sandals and enjoying the cold surf on my bare feet. Outside my regular daily orbit, I had the chance to

Walking at Dawn

Every morning my dog, Sita, and I take a long walk. It’s a special time for deep thoughts. There are many benefits I squeeze from our sunrise stroll. It gives

The Productive Zone of Disequilibrium

I discovered a tool that that is extraordinarily useful in my work with CEOs. This tool is called the Productive Zone of Disequilibrium, a term coined by Ronald Heifetz, co-developer

A Place for Everyone

I love that little guy in the picture above with his goggles on. A dog who has a job to do is a happy dog. The article says that the

Executive Presence

Executive presence is a critical factor of leadership, but what it takes to create it is still up for discussion? Is it charisma, magnetism, inspiration, or one of the many


That’s me with my dog, Leary, when I was 20. Leary lived with me in a one-room apartment above Iris’ Yarn Shop in Bloomington, Indiana, while I earned my undergraduate

The Future of Meetings

Many of my clients are involved in creating tomorrow’s meetings, and I serve on several task forces to design them. As we plan future events, we must remember the goal