Appreciating Difference

A common reaction when I tell people that we adopted Ruchi when she was eight from India, “Oh, she’s so fortunate.” The truth is we are all so fortunate. Those

Working Together for Everyone’s Benefit

Like the thunder rumbling in the background of this video, there is a storm brewing in our country. The pandemic, economic disruption, a hostile political environment, record unemployment, and a

The Daily Dose

From an early age, I loved both math and dogs. So this cartoon hits me thrice. Once, because I am always trying to learn new mathematical lessons. Second, because I


My second dog, Bleubelle, came to our home by accident. We found her on our porch, lost, just a puppy. In the first few days she was with us she

Fortunate Misadventures

When I was in college a good friend and I decided to break into the observatory late one night and take a look at the sky. We headed up to