Phase Change

In thermodynamics a phase transition marks the shift from one state to another. As energy in the system increases, the enthalpy, the states move through the progression outlined to the


The keystone is a wedge-shaped stone at the very top of an arch. It was the last piece to be placed in the construction and completes the curved structure. The


It takes a lot of hard work to hit the bullseye, doesn’t it? Seemingly endless preparation. Grit. Practice. Maturity. Talent (talent? how did that get in there? Does talent take

Communication Under Pressure

Pressure can come from a variety of sources both planned (meeting with VIP stakeholder), and unplanned (natural or manmade disaster). For leaders, high-stress situations are inevitable. Many rise to the

The Greatest Positive Impact

Harvard Business School professor John Kotter is a world-class authority on change leadership, perhaps best known for his eight-step model for leading successful change. His vision is, Millions Leading, Billions

When on Fire, Practice Judo!

Philip Anschutz, the American businessman with an estimated net worth of $7 billion, started in the oil business drilling his own wells. His first efforts in the 60s were unsuccessful,

Competitive Intelligence

Things are changing so fast today there are three worlds in simultaneous transition: 1. Your organization’s world Market conditions shift constantly and sometimes dramatically. Revenue streams and profit margins sometimes

Revolutionizing the World of Work

Here in Washington, DC, just two blocks north of the White House I co-hosted a two-day workshop with Steve Denning last Thursday and Friday, Revolutionizing the World of Work. The

All Aboard!

Why does the conductor yell, “All aboard?” Because it doesn’t really matter where the train is going if the passengers are not on the train! Are you doing what it