Revolutionizing the World of Work

Here in Washington, DC, just two blocks north of the White House I co-hosted a two-day workshop with Steve Denning last Thursday and Friday, Revolutionizing the World of Work. The

All Aboard!

Why does the conductor yell, “All aboard?” Because it doesn’t really matter where the train is going if the passengers are not on the train! Are you doing what it

Accelerating Buy In and Participation

There are many ways to get people involved besides coercion, putting someone in a tight spot, or otherwise using negative reinforcement. The most powerful kind of participation is that which

MIT Media Lab Chooses College Dropout

What does it mean when a world-class university that is a globally recognized leader in innovation chooses a director who has not completed his college degree? It means true leadership

The Ripe Conversation

How do ideas spread rapidly? When people pick them up and run with them. What is the vehicle? Conversation. But, these days we have to s-t-r-e-t-c-h our idea of what


Cross your fingers behind your back and you know what you have done even though you cannot see it with your eyes. That’s because of proprioception, the ability to tell

Sustaining Your Advantage

Look in the rearview mirror and what do you see? Where you’ve been! Easy enough, but most people don’t realize this is what they’re seeing when they look at data

Your Golden Shadow

Much has been written about the shadow side of our personalities, the part of ourselves we repress for whatever reason. Perhaps we pushed it down because we judged it to

Helping People of Japan

Friday, March 11, the largest earthquake in Japan’s recorded history wreaked devastation, registering 8.9 on the Richter scale and hitting the coast of the northern part of the country. Enormous