Getting Innovation Right

—How Leaders Leverage Inflection Points to Drive Success

As Seth Kahan worked hand-in-hand with CEOs of Fortune 500 companies and association leaders on their change initiatives, he began to notice that those who succeeded were also adept at introducing new products, services, and ideas into the marketplace. He saw that successful innovation demands a tactical approach.

In this book he reveals how your company can secure real traction and growth in the marketplace. Along with templates, step-by-step instructions, techniques and tools, you’ll get practical guidance on how to identify opportunities for innovation and maximize your innovation’ s chances of success in the market.

“Everybody knows you have to innovate to be a success, but it’s easier said than done. Getting Innovation Right is a master class in mastering the current business landscape. Reading this book will give you real-world examples of innovation at work, along with tested templates for action, so you can take your creativity and drive and use them to create exciting products and services your customers will clamor for.”
—Daniel H. Pink, author,
Drive and A Whole New Mind

Table of Contents includes:

  1. Pursue and Leverage Inflection Points
    Expert Input: Cindy Hallberlin of on Getting Ahead of an Inflection Point
  2. Build Innovation Capacity
    Expert Input: Jeanne Tisinger of the Central Intelligence Agency on Building Capacity
    Expert Input: Paul Pluschkell of Spigit on Idea Management
  3. Collect Intelligence
    Expert Input: Ken Garrison of Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals on Competitive Intelligence
  4. Shift Perspective
    Expert Input: Roger Martin of the University of Toronto’s Joseph L. Rotman School of Management on Thinking Differently
  5. Exploit Disruption
    Expert Input: William D. Eggers of Deloitte’s Public Leadership Institute on Disruption and Government
  6. Generate Value
    Expert Input: Mark Katz of Arent Fox LLP on Generating Value
  7. Drive Innovation Uptake
    Expert Input: Mark Hurst of Creative Good on Getting Close to Customers
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