Grand Challenge Upward Spiral

Many elements are involved in tackling Grand Challenges – big, bold initiatives that take on some of the wickedest problems that society is facing. In my work on Grand Challenges

Frame and Build the Case

Creating a social movement is critical to the success of a Grand Challenge and other change initiatives. In previous issues of Visionary Talk, we’ve explored the 10 Key Elements of

Real Change Relies on Social Movements

When trying to institute systemic change – organizational or nationwide – it’s easy to feel like it’s impossible. It’s challenging to change the way an entire group thinks or behaves,

Grand Challenges Ahead

Grand Challenges Ahead

I’ve worked with some of the most esteemed organizations globally, helping to address their strategy and innovation issues. Increasingly my work has been focused on Grand Challenges – socially intractable

What is a Grand Challenge?

Download this excerpt from my forthcoming book, Grand Challenge, How Leaders Turn the World’s Biggest Challenges into Extraordinary Opportunities. The term grand challenge has dual meanings; it can be used

Institute for Healthcare Improvement

The Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) strives to bring the best possible health and health care to everyone. To achieve their mission, IHI partners with visionaries, leaders and front-line practitioners

Don Berwick

Donald Berwick is President Emeritus and Senior Fellow at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI). One of the Grand Challenge initiatives Don and the IHI have spearheaded is the 5 Million