Visionary Leadership, the book

In just 3 weeks, my fourth book, Visionary Leadership, will be available. In it I detail case studies of CEOs, the I know personally, who have risen to deliver visionary

Educating the Board

Last week, I shared my most recent report, Getting the Most from Your Board. One of the first topics that I highlight is the need to educate the board members.


Getting the Most from Your Board

I’ve worked with many boards leading strategic planning retreats, professional development seminars, and grand challenge discussions. Some boards are high-functioning. Others are not. Through my work, I’ve identified four areas in

Market Awareness and Visionary Leadership

I’ve distilled the Visionary Leadership skillsets down to three super categories: Market awareness Association leadership Self-development Each of the three categories has its own set of skills. Today we will

Visionary Leadership Self-assessment

The 20 years I’ve worked with visionary leaders has led to the identification of a core set of competencies found in the most successful executives. Customized to leading in the

Portfolio Evaluation

 A special thank you and shout out to Henry Chamberlain, CEO of the Building Owners and Managers Association International for his willingness to let me draw from our experience

Optimizing Your Social Systems

An association’s social systems include all the constellations of people who work together to achieve the organization’s objectives. There are two things leaders can do to optimize social systems. First,

Paul Bellantone and Trust at PPAI

I had the good fortune to work with Paul Bellantone. CEO of Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), to help with the association’s strategic planning. While gathering member intelligence – a