with Jay Timmons & Susan Neely

Jay Timmons
Susan Neely

On October 23rd, I held a special event for CEOs only at the National Association of Manufacturers featuring Jay Timmons, CEO, and Susan Neely, CEO of the American Council of Life Insurers.

Visionary Leadership — How Association Leaders Embrace Disruption in the 21st Century by Seth Kahan

The topic is IMPACT: How Association CEOs Change the World, and will also be the official launch of my new book, Visionary Leadership: How Association CEOs Embrace Disruption in the 21st Century.

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On October 23rd, I was talking with Jay and Susan about how they use their platform to architect a future that is better for (1) their organizations, (2) their members’ customers, and (3) societal concerns that need to be addressed. Each has a stellar track record in all three.

I was thrilled to be working with Jay and Susan, digging into what makes them so impactful, and sharing their strategies and tactics in ways you can put to work. I hope you will join me!

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