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Executive Advisor

At any one time I work with a maximum of two executives as their executive advisor. These leaders receive priority attention. They have access to my expertise and experience whenever they need it, and can apply me where it makes the most impact.  My work for them will often include face-to-face meetings as often as once per week when schedules allow.

I bring all my experience to bear, providing the guidance and perspective they need to make the best possible decisions when the stakes are highest.

Having a trusted advisor is more than a professional development opportunity; it is an insurance policy. It gives you exclusive access to my expert counsel so you can tackle the most critical challenges and seize emerging opportunities in real time. I am the special someone in your court that helps you think big, take on crucial issues, make difficult decisions, and navigate complex terrain.

My client list includes over 100 executives. I bring a vast bank of experience, which I use to illuminate options that will help you see your circumstances from new angles so you can be sure that you have given solid consideration to impact and consequences before you move.

My role can be behind the scenes as an invisible confidante, or more public. I can join you in meetings with strategic  partners, high-value stakeholders, or senior managers. Some of the roles I provide include:

  • A sounding board for strategy and tactical decisions
  • An idea and technique source
  • A devil’s advocate on key moves
  • A third-party objective review
  • A support system for accountability
  • A responsive expert for questions and advice

My fee for this service is $12,000 for a single month, $11,000 per month for a 3-month contract, $10,000 per month for a 6-month contract, and $9,000 per month for a 1-year contract. If you want to extend these services to members of your senior management team, the fee is $2,000 per executive per month.

As a leader your performance translates directly to your organization’s results . I know because I have been working hand-in-hand with a wide variety of leaders since 1996, from Jim Wolfensohn, president of the World Bank, to Chris McEntee, Executive Director and CEO of the American Geophysical Union, to Tony Cancelosi, CEO of Columbia Lighthouse for the Blind. I have participated in globally recognized successes such as the World Bank’s Knowledge Management program and turnarounds such as Columbia Lighthouse for the Blind, both covered in my recent book, Getting Innovation Right.

To arrange an interview, contact me directly at my home office, (301) 229-2221. Mention that you are inquiring about consideration for a Executive Advisor role and I will return your call within 90 minutes during regular business hours. Or send me an email at Seth@VisionaryLeadership.com.