Take a look at your role models – the people who live their lives in very special ways. They all have quirky things they do that make them both extraordinary and unusual.

William Staffor, one of my favorite poets, got up at 4am so he could have time every day to write poetry without interruption. To live a life that is extraordinary in your own way, you must be ready to set the terms that feed your soul. Chances are that you will come up with some unique behavior. Good for you.

Beethoven drank 50 cups of tea per day, every day. Ingmar Bergman, the Swedish move director, ate the same lunch every day, some kind of sour milk with jam. Tony Robbins, the ultra successful life coach, jumps into a cryochamber first thing every morning, a device powered by liquid nitrogen that creates air temperatures way below zero. Weird. Right? Well, it works for them.

So, what do you like to do? Whatever it is, there’s no point in trying to be normal. Delight in your eccentricities. They make you you, and that is justification enough.

My eccentricity became direction.

– Jean Paul Gaultier