Gather Allies


In the last two issues of Visionary Talk, we’ve explored the 10 Key Elements to Creating a Social Movement. The elements were identified in 2001 by a research team led by Dr. Christina Economos. The team studied four major social movements that created a 180-degree flip in societal thinking:

  1. Breastfeeding
  2. Smoking Cessation
  3. Seat Belt Use
  4. Recycling

The 10 Key Elements to Creating a Social Movement are critical to the success of Grand Challenges and other significant change leadership initiatives. I use the elements often in my work as a diagnostic tool and have grouped them into three phases:

  1. Frame & Build the Case
  2. Gather Allies
  3. Implement the Plan

We previously covered the first three of the ten elements, which make up the first phase of creating a social movement – Frame and Build the Case. You can learn more about that here.

The following four elements are the basis of the second phase – Gather Allies. It is in this phase that you’ll:

  1. Develop a Plan
  2. Identify Champions
  3. Begin Coalition Building and
  4. Get Government Involvement

Watch the video above to learn:

  • Why a solid plan will be critical to partners, advocates, and anyone else who will shape the success
  • How to identify champions
  • The importance of creating a system, or a network of networks to propel your initiative forward
  • Why the need for government involvement is critical

As I mentioned, Gathering Allies is the second of three phases. In the next issue of Visionary Talk, I’ll review the final phase and the last three elements of the 10 Key Elements to Create a Social Movement.

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