The crucial element to leading change in any organization is making it possible for your staff and volunteer leaders to get the buy-in and engagement needed for them to shift mindsets and move the initiative forward.

People have to understand:
• How they should impact the change
• What their ownership is
• What their change in behavior needs to be and
• How they deliver on the value of the new change

In my book, Getting Change Right – a Washington Post and Denver Post best-seller – I give guidance on how to have the tough conversations, the messy discussions that allow people to understand what it is that you’re trying to do.

I’ve used the techniques in this book very successfully with large associations that have complex governance. I’ve used it successfully at the World Bank with 15,000 employees scattered around the globe, all of them with very different jobs.

Change is hard, and it’s a mental process. You need to take the time to interact.

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