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“When executed well, a Grand Challenge is simply the most effective way to scale your impact and grow your resources—and it is the only way that together, we will heal the world.” – Seth Kahan

A Grand Challenge is a bold, socially beneficial goal that successfully addresses a systemic and embedded problem through collaboration and joint leadership.

Seth is widely recognized as a major thought leader in the Grand Challenge space.  He is in the unique position of having extensive knowledge and experience influencing change in both associations and the private sector. 

Seth’s growing connections with cutting edge private sector organizations like Apple, Google, Sharecare, and others is opening doors to thought leaders, business models and innovators.  These alliances enable Seth to bring cutting edge ideas, practices and programs to his clients.   

Seth is currently working with the leaders of many organizations to define, execute and manage their Grand Challenges. These include Marla Weston of the American Nurses Association, Marilyn Gohrman-Gillis of the Center for Financial Planning Board of Standards, Chris McEntee of the American Geophysical Union, Linda Hallman of the American Association of University Women and Kris Cook of the National Affordable Housing Management Associtation

For example, the American Nurses Association is committed to measurably improving the health of America’s 3.4 million nurses through Healthy Nurse Healthy Nation. Check out this video:

Learn more about the 7 key returns organizations gain by taking on a Grand Challenge. 

Interest in Grand Challenges is growing. Seth hosted The Grand Challenge Summit.  CEOs, senior leadership teams, and volunteer leaders from 17 organizations attended.  They not only gained deeper understanding of Grand Challenges, but they identified possibilities for their organizations and met other visionary leaders. Check GrandChallengeVideo.com for recordings of the opening remarks and keynote by Lisa McLeod, Noble Purpose thought leader.

If you are considering or are ready to take on your own Grand Challenge, please contact Seth at Seth@visionaryleadership.com for more information.