I have often had the mystical feeling that the real work I do is face-to-face, where I appreciate the people I work with and treat them with warmth and respect. I do actually love all of my clients as people and believe in their purpose as well as their intents. If I had a question about either I don’t think I could bring myself to help them. But, because I do, I genuinely enjoy their company and its easy for me to throw my best into helping them.

This is not to say they are perfect or pure – no one I know is. They are fallible as much as I am. But, their humanity is clear to me and I am aligned with their goals and work. This forms the basis of my ability to focus my attention on the immediate interaction as well as the strategies and tactics we develop.

How we treat people, the respect we provide them as well as the compassion is core to creating a world that is worthy of our spirits. So, I often practice a mindful presence, especially when I am listening. I want to truly hear them, experience them. I look for the qualities that I admire. I search out those aspects of their lives that I appreciate and when I interact with them I raise these qualities to my mind. This helps me extend each the benefit of a doubt and work together toward finding solutions that generate the best possible outcomes.

Even though many of my projects impact tens of thousands of people, and sometimes more, I am aware that my work is grounded in the day-to-day interactions with just a few, and do my best to carry them out with recognition and enjoyment of the unique, good qualities each person brings to their efforts. I see it as my job to provide inspiration, hope, and amplification of what is best, along with my professional skills.

Notice in the week ahead where simple interaction can make all the difference and set things in the right direction.

“To be successful, you have to have your heart in your business, and your business in your heart.”
Sir Thomas Watson