Last week I shared how my wife, musician Laura Baron, helped Graham Nash play his hit, Our House, on the guitar. Well, now it’s my turn. Though my story is a bit embarrassing.

30 years ago I participated in the Men’s Multicultural Gathering. 50 black men, 50 white men, and a handful of other ethnicities met for six days to deal with issues of race under the guidance of six facilitators, three black and three white.

At one of the opening ceremonies, we were all drumming. I am not a musician, but that didn’t cap my enthusiasm. The guy next to me leaned over and whispered in a friendly manner, “Listen more. Play a little more quietly.”

I was perturbed and turned to a good friend on the other side. “Who does that guy think he is?” My friend answered bluntly, “That’s John Densmore, the drummer of the Doors.”

You never know who you might meet in this world as you go from one place to another. Ultimately I had a very good time with Densmore and the other men. The gathering had a profound influence on my life. It started with a dose of humility that greeted me unexpectedly.

Is there an area in your life where you could use some guidance this week from someone who is more developed than you? Don’t be hesitant to reach out.

“Why is it that English, drama, and music teachers are most often recalled as our mentors and inspirations? Maybe because artists are rarely members of the popular crowd.” – Roger Ebert