The Interaction Field

I want to share an exciting new model I’ve discovered in a book titled The Interaction Field, written by Erich Joachimsthaler. The core concept is that we are moving away from the traditional, linear, capitalist transaction-based model. The selling of goods and services in exchange for margin can only be scaled linearly. The Interactive Field model can be scaled exponentially and is based on value, not transactions, although there is plenty to monetize.

Joachimsthaler’s interaction field model consists of 3 concentric rings.

  • The nucleus – the provider and their customers or the association and their members
  • The ecosystem – all of the elements that make the nucleus possible.
  • The market makers – large forces you have no control over but have a significant influence on your success.

interaction field

The goal is to have meaningful interactions at all levels. What does that look like?

One case study in the book is John Deere, the farm equipment manufacturer. While John Deere’s transactional market is very niche, they expand their audience exponentially when they open up the interaction fields and explore their ecosystem and market makers. When meaningful interactions take place between those interaction fields, John Deere and its audience get an exponential blossoming of value.

I have long believed that in order for associations to really excel, they must evolve beyond an individual transactional model with members. Today’s most successful associations already use the Interaction Field model. They pull together all the players involved in creating the value and engage them in identifying and growing new value.

I think this book is an extraordinary find, and I recommend it to all my colleagues. Watch the video above to learn more about The Interaction Field and how it relates to your association’s success.

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