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New Class Offerings from Seth Kahan!

Leadership during the Pandemic

New Class
Offering from
Seth Kahan!

Leadership during the Pandemic

How will you show up as a leader?

We’re being disrupted from multiple directions.
As a leader, you have a special responsibility to your members and your organization. Do you have the tools you need?

You have great influence on how your members survive, even thrive in the months ahead. They need your personal best, your leadership, your clear calls to action.

If, like me, you joined the association world to serve, this is our moment. Together, we’ll meet the COVID19 challenge with incredible positive impact. I will show you how.

I served on the team at the World Bank that responded to 911 and on a federal task force in the weeks after. I understand what it takes to lead in a crisis. And I have deep knowledge and relationships with over 100 association CEOs.

To help you master critical leadership skills, I am creating a workshop series where you’ll find a safe place to discuss your concerns, and get the guidance you need to make a difference for your members, colleagues, and even your family. We’ll meet fear with hope and inspiration grounded in practical action. These classes will be a safe harbor in the storm - a place to refuel so you are prepared to deliver your best.

What people say about working with Seth

"Thanks for this one, Seth. Wow, what a shot in the arm!"
Eric Lanke, CEO,
National Fluid Power Association

"With Seth you get knowledge, expertise, connections to other leaders, and resources to be even more effective."
Chris McEntee, CEO, formerly of the American Geophysical Union

Coronavirus ResponseWidely recognized as being on the forefront of Visionary Leadership and trusted advisor to over 100 CEOs, Seth is a sought-after business strategy specialist, a respected thought leader and convener on Grand Challenges, and the author of the business bestsellers, Getting Change Right and Getting Innovation Right.

Seth has been working with CEOs for 25 years—In 1995 he helped introduce Knowledge Management at the World Bank, an initiative that grew from $0 to $60 million in two years. He was instrumental in standing up 120 professional communities (mini associations) around the world during that same time. He worked directly with the president Jof the World Bank and the director of the Peace Corps. He’s consulted with association leaders to help them achieve remarkable results that transform the world and grow their organizations, most notably through his Grand Challenges.

His focus has always been strategy and innovation. Now, he’s taking all that experience and pouring it into the Coronavirus Pandemic—how associations can survive during this time, even use this crisis to their advantage.

  • $120 Live Classes
  • $150 On-the-Web versions of each class
  • $1,000 all 10 sessions
    in the series

All classes provide CAE credit.
Partial scholarships available. If you are facing financial hardship, send me an email. No one will be turned away.

Classes in this series

  1. Leadership during the Pandemic
  2. Standing up your Virtual Work Environment
  3. Managing Remote Workers
  4. Working with Sponsors & Partners
  5. Member Communications & Support
  6. Maintaining Readiness
  7. Inspiring & Guiding Staff
  8. Building Partnerships & Coalitions
  9. Leading Members & Volunteer Leaders
  10. Building the Future while Serving the Present

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