Well, here it is: the day before 2019! There are so many things to be grateful for. I was thinking back over the year and asking myself, ‘What was the best new technique I learned this year to help me with my life?’ The answer came quickly. It was a morning meditation that I do before I get out of bed every morning.

My life is full. There is always more greeting me every morning than I can possibly get done. Often that resulted in awakening feeling anxious and overloaded, burdened. I needed a way to start my day on the right foot. I received exposure to Vishen Lakhiani’s 6-phase meditation which I tried and loved every morning. But, it was way too long for me. So, I created my own version that was just 5 1/2 minutes. I am amazed at how powerful it is to right my focus first thing.

This meditation has several elements: (1) relaxation, (2) compassion, (3) gratitude, (4) touching into my vision and goals for (a) myself, (b) my family and friends, and (c) my career, and (5) my intention for how my day will unfold.

This orients me and starts me off on the right foot, day after day, every day. I hope you will enjoy it, too. You can download it here.

I wish you a Happy New Year and an auspicious beginning to 2019!

“Some people dream of success, while other people get up every morning and make it happen.”
– Wayne Huizenga