I had the good fortune to work with Paul Bellantone. CEO of Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), to help with the association’s strategic planning. While gathering member intelligence – a critical step in the planning process – I learned that PPAI had a hidden, key asset. Trust.

PPAI’s membership had tremendous trust for the organizations’ leaders, staff, and volunteer leaders. Leveraging this asset, we were able to move PPAI from a transactional relationship with its members to a more relational one. Only in a relational relationship can an organization, generate the ultimate value, one that every association wants – love. Paul’s members love PPAI. And we have grown that love and trust by focusing on initiatives that grow members’ businesses and building a community of knowledge that lifts and supports not just the association but all of its members.

Paul Bellantone is a remarkable leader, a visionary CEO. To learn more about Paul and his work at PPAI, download the report.