Innovation Speaker

Innovation Speaker for Association Leadership

Seth Kahan has worked with more than 100 CEOs— visionary leaders who have innovated in their organizations while leaving indelible marks on their respective industries. He has compiled best practices of these exceptional leaders and he brings this energy, clarity and opportunity to your stage. Seth is a dynamic speaker with an eclectic personal and professional background that translates to a lively, engaging and experiential presentation that opens leaders to new ways of thinking and new ideas for action.
Innovation leadership topics include:

  • 5 Ways to Disrupt Before You’re Disrupted
  • How to Revitalize Your Mission and Grow Mission Impact (Without Worrying About Membership)
  • Next-Gen Membership and How to Attract New Blood

When Seth Kahan speaks, people get thinking.
The association CEO must become a visionary leader, one who can readily:

  1. Identify association trends and stop being so insular and self-focused. They must learn to make themselves valuable to other entities and must also learn how to harvest value from the experience and expertise of their members, for the greater benefit of society.
  2. Embrace diversity by transitioning from “stale, male, pale” to a younger more vibrant leadership rich with women, people of color, and LGBTQ to reflect the new blood in society and their association.
  3. Identify disruptions by being market-savvy and having an eye on the future and how it will impact their respective industries and member businesses.
  4. Develop new leadership skills such as radical self-care as an aspect of self-development as well as leading for collective impact, detecting larger patterns and identifying disruptions, among others.

Seth has something to say that will excite leaders of membership associations

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