I have a dream to help leaders create the future. I
believe we influence our world much more than we generally acknowledge.
The visions we hold, our moment-to-moment choices, and day-to-day
actions are our greatest tools.

I want to work hand-in-hand with people who make a difference. I want
to stand by their side, ready and able to support them in achieving
progress, and leave a legacy of tools and techniques that help leaders
build a better world. Every year, month, week, and day I envision what
I can do to realize my dream and make decisions about how to spend my

I have seen audacious challenges come to pass through a series of
mundane acts. During one of the most productive periods in my recent
life, I came to realize that my greatest instruments were (a) the
imagined future I was working toward that shaped my choices and (b) the
quality of presence I brought to every interaction. I began to smile
more at work. I took pleasure in quality conversations. I spent more
time listening and appreciating the people I worked with.

As a result I found a qualitative improvement in my conversations and
their outcomes, as well as greater joy all day long. Simple. Zen. Be
here now.

sitaThree weeks ago I read an ad in the
Washington Post that said a l
itter of German Shepherd puppies
had been dropped off at a woman’s house in rural
Virginia. Although
it didn’t make logical sense
for me to adopt
a second dog at this time, I was compelled to give a call and find out

There was one
little female puppy. I decided to go and have a look. I knew there was
a very high probabilit
y I would
be smitten and bring home the pup.  I took my
7-year-old daughter, got in my little,
blue car, and headed out to the country.

There we found only two pups left in a large crate
inside the woman’s h
She was taking very good care of them. I knew as soon as I met the
little on
e that she was a good match in temperament and would make an
excellent family dog as well as a solid camping companion for me. Now
life is filled with housetraining, long walks to explore the world,
teaching a new dog old tricks, and romps in the park. Lots of small
moments. Lots of delight… even when waking up in the middle of the
night to go for a short walk and avoid an accident inside. She is just
three months old! 
is her name – like the Hindu diety – and she is now part of our family!
Welcome, Sita!

What dreams do you cherish? Name one now. Say
it out loud or write it down.Take a breath and give it some room. Let
it carry you, infuse your life with anticipation of its realization.

Next turn to this moment: whom will you see next? Who is the very next
person you are likely to see today? What can you do to improve the
quality of that interaction? Is there something specific that would
raise the bar, bring light to the meeting, and increase the joy?

Go after things that matter. Dedicate yourself to big aspirations you
care about. Delight in the details. Imagine a vision realized where
every moment along the way was a pleasure. The world and everyone you
meet (including yourself) will be better for it.

“There are two
ways of meeting difficulties. You alter the difficulties or you alter
yourself  to meet them.”
― Phyllis Bottome

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