It is time for me to revisit basic business processes and figure out how to scale, i.e., increase my impact and lower my labor intensity. This is all happening because of (a) the success of the Grand Challenge to eliminate the stigma around mental health and substance use disorders for our country and (b) new work with the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History. I have no choice but to reinvent my practice.

This is the nature of success. When faced with significant growth, there are four areas I like to focus on: (1) value innovation, (2) quality of service, (2) building processes that scale, and (3) operational excellence.

Value Innovation – reinventing the way value is generated. This is always easier to do once you have established value that is working for your stakeholders. Then, you can enhance it by improving its quality or quantity (see more about this in my book, Getting Innovation Right, The Three Types of Added Value).

Quality of Service – ensuring that the people you are serving continue to experience the level of care, or greater, they have become accustomed to.

Building Processes that Scale – moving to organized protocols that allow your initiative to interface with more beneficiaries.

Operational Excellence – Ensuring that your standards of delivery and the back office activities that support it are outstanding.

When you face the challenge of growth, personal or professional, be ready to reinvent yourself. It’s often challenging. Doing things differently takes willpower, initiative, and support. But, if you grow, it’s the only way to go.

“The reinvention of daily life means marching off the edge of our maps.”
– Bob Black

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