Raising the bar with executive leadership team development

Executive team development is an excellent way to raise performance of an already functional team. It can also help to align, empower and optimize teams that are not functioning at peak. Seth’s work often places him in the middle of senior leaders with a focus on raising the bar of organizational performance. For nearly 30 years, he has worked as an executive coach and team advisor to help executive teams:

  • Improve talent development
  • Evolve organizational culture
  • Prepare for an aggressive initiative
  • Lead change
  • Excel in relation to competitors

The executive team is the most important team in any organization.

Organizational executives seek out Seth’s expertise when confronted with an array of challenges, including:

  • Ruptured relationships
  • Empire-building
  • Lack of communication/breakdowns in communication
  • Lack of agreement on priorities
  • Misalignment
  • Strong personalities (one of Seth’s specialties!)
  • Anger management

Areas of focus might include:

  • Trust development
  • Communication
  • Balancing silos with collaboration
  • Working better with the CEO

Effective leadership teams benefit from customized approaches, unique to the circumstances of your organization and leadership. Give Seth a call to see how he can take your team to the next level. Call today at (301) 229-2221.