The Visionary Leader's 3 Areas of Development

The Visionary Leader’s 3 Areas of Development

Visionary Leaders develop 3 core areas: Themselves They know that their entire being is their instrument. This includes their mind, heart, gut, hands, feelings, psychology, mind-state, acumen, everything. So, they

Facebook blogging on Large-scale Change

I am here in LA with my daughter, Ruchi, and wife, Laura. Laura took a class today in Hollywood on writing commerical music for television and movies. Mon-Wed I am
Your Mindset is where the Action Is!

Your Mindset is where the Action Is!

Do you want to be a superhero? You already are. What are your superpowers? They are many. The most important instrument you have, though, is your mindset. It is how
Follow Your Heart – Others Are

Follow Your Heart – Others Are

Imagine you are looking dead ahead, out into the future and there is a single light beaming from your chest into the uncertain tomorrow. If you are like me that
Self Transformation

Self Transformation

If you have ever had a goal that seems out of reach, beyond your ability, self transformation is the key to succeeding. Self transformation is the ability to intentionally provide

Association Strategy

There are three important ways that associations are different from private sector organizations. These need to be taken into consideration

Communities, #1 Tool for Change

Communities are a unique resource in organizations when you are leading change. Learn why.

Seth Kahan on innovation from the customer’s pov

Here is what good innovation feels like to the customer.

‘The Membership Economy’ by Robbie Baxter (Book Summary)

I love Robbie Baxter, Silicon Valley guru and author of the Amazon bestseller, The Membership Economy. In this 3 1/2

Seth Kahan interviews Veronica Meadows on Measuring Member Engagement

Veronica Meadows is Director, Member Engagement, at the Council of Landscape Architectural Regulatory Boards (CLARB). They have a reputation for

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Courage and Vulnerability

My good friend, Gary LaBranche, told me last week that innovation is about courage and vulnerability. Over dinner he shared his point of view that ...
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Plant a Seed of Greatness for the Week Ahead

Extraordinary weeks and horrible work weeks have one thing in common, they all start on Mondays. Have you ever heard the phrase, Mighty oaks from ...
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Articles for Association Innovation

I was just named the Associations Editor for, “the online home of the global innovation community, building upon a rapidly-growing network with thousands of ...
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Initial Interviews on the Future of Association Leadership

November 2012 – January 2013 I interviewed 24 expert leaders of professional societies and trade associations (see below for the full list). The focus of ...
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Association Transformation

Today, Labor Day in the states, I am addressing association transformation. This is a new initiative I am leading, putting resources and news online at ...
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Today is Women’s Equality Day

Passed by Congress June 4, 1919, and ratified on August 18, 1920, the 19th amendment guarantees all American women the right to vote. The federal ...
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American College of Cardiology uses 21st century Business Savvy

People do not need or desire associations in the same ways they once did. They can network today in a myriad of venues, such as ...
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When Off the Grid is On the Mark

Every summer my son, Gabe, and I head out for a 10-day father son trip. This year it’s Aug 8-18, so there will be no ...
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Love Yourself as Your Life Depends Upon It

Why is it so important to love yourself? Because there are some things your soul needs that no one else can provide as well as ...
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This is the Age of Miracles

I worked through the last weekend, and was energized by the work. It was good. I had a chance to work with food scientists – ...
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Crossing the Threshold

A threshold is commonly defined as: 1. a strip of material that separates two rooms or the outside from the inside of a house 2 ...
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Something will Always Go Wrong

Great athletes often make their greatest progress when the odds are against them – they train for it. Golfers practice hitting out of the rough, ...
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Collecting Business Intelligence

I am now providing short 2-3 minute professional development videos drawn from my work as a trusted advisor with leaders. I will include a new ...
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Create Personally Powerful Moments

I was rereading the classic, 10 Natural Laws of Successful Time and Life Management, by Hyrum Smtih, and came across this great passage: stop thinking ...
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Give it Away!

We live in a time of unprecedented knowledge sharing. All around the world there are capable people investigating some of our world’s most perplexing dilemmas, ...
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