Seth on Grand Challenge to Eliminate Stigma Around Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders

Seth Kahan on Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders Stigma and the National Grand Challenge To Eliminate ItLast March I was invited by 988 Crisis Jam to present on Stop Stigma Together, the Grand Challenge to eliminate stigma around mental health and substance use disorders on a national scale. You can view the show with my presentation here and jump straight to me at 3:36 if you wish. Be sure to also watch the aftershow with my good friend, Tonja Myles, as we break down my presentation and Tonja speaks to stigma herself, beginning at 19:37.

Afterwards the folks at 988 Crisis Jam asked if they could do a piece on me and the Grand Challenge, which I want to share with you. It's the first time my own struggles and those of my family have appeared in print, here in support of busting stigma.

I am proud to play a role in fighting stigma by coming out with this content.

If you’re passionate about Grand Challenges or would like to be, visit my Medium account, where I am publishing on Grand Challenges. Let’s work together to address these sticky, systemic, complex, and wicked issues once and for all, for the sake of future generations of life on Earth.

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