This is the time of the year in DC where I live when winter begins in earnest. We have some single digit days coming up on the mercury bar. That’s my faithful German Shepherd, Sita, with snow on her nose from rooting around in the fresh snow – and my fireplace blazing away. When life serves you cold weather, respond with a fire in your hearth!
I love responding to the weather with a bit of balance. This extends to other areas of life, too. If the odds are against you, balance your portfolio. If activity is kicking up, make some personal time to enjoy a break. And if nothing seems to be moving forward, take the initiative to generate some momentum. Don’t forget you have a role to play in your life! Step up and create some of what you want.
When it gets really cold, I go for a short walk with Sita and then build a fire when I return home. I enjoy the disparity between temperatures outdoors and in. This makes my house feel more like a home and delivers some inner warmth. Soon it will be time for hot chocolate!

“To appreciate the beauty of a snowflake it is necessary to stand out in the cold.”

– Aristotle