Starting a Social Movement

My work helps leaders succeed at Grand Challenges – big, bold goals that take on problems that have gone unsolved. How do Grand Challenges solve problems? Through social movements. When everybody pitches in, the return is remarkable. Imagine having millions or even hundreds of millions of people working on behalf of your issue. That’s what a Grand Challenge can do.

Grand Challenges focus on a social benefit, bringing about positive change that makes the world a better place. A Grand Challenge also rewards the supporting organization. Where do you start when you want to create a social movement? I think you’ll find the answer is a lot closer to home than you might imagine.

Your partners are where you begin outreach. Then move to your senior management team, starting with the CEO. Next, reach out to thought leaders who have deep expertise and understanding of your sector. Finally, with a massive network of connections across various sectors from the Grand Challenges I’ve worked on, there’s me.

Each of these groups has its social network to start moving out through and making connections; you’ll be surprised to see how they connect. When you begin making those connections, you’ll find that you can grow exponentially until eventually, you can cover the entire nation, or perhaps the world. It may be just that grand.

Either way, starting at home and building out through your existing social networks is the beginning of establishing a social movement. If you’d like to know more, contact me at or visit my website,

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