Association leadership resources

Seth has channeled his extensive knowledge of influencing large-scale change, innovation, growth and strategy in associations and the private sector to bring you these bestselling business books along with audio files, and webinar and video training, all related to visionary leadership and associations.


Visionary Leadership — How Association Leaders Embrace Disruption in the 21st Century by Seth Kahan

Seth’s new book lays out what it takes to lead associations in the 21st century. It’s designed to be a tool for driving boards and executive teams to new levels of performance, and to be a powerful resource for CEOs seeking to raise their game.


Getting Change Right by Seth Kahan

Filled with techniques, templates, and guidelines, this is first and foremost a practitioner’s guide to implementing change. Each chapter contains candid conversations with star change agents and thought leaders like John Kotter, Jim Wolfensohn and Steve Denning.


Getting Innovation Right by Seth Kahan

The book provides templates, step-by-step instructions, techniques, tools, and practical guidance on how to do the very things that maximize your innovations chances of success in the market.


Building Beehives by Seth Kahan

This handbook outlines tools and techniques to create organizational communities and community events that provide strategic returns.

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