“Mission Leadership” Strategy

Most strategy initiatives fail because they are designed by people who do not possess the experience to create the buy-in required or understand organizational dynamics. My first book, a bestseller, Getting Change Right, details the activities that generate engagement, support and buy-in. I have helped over 100 leaders get their strategy right and bring all my experience to bear on your success.

I bring a unique, powerful and practical view to helping leaders develop strategy that results in Mission Superiority, which requires building capacity on three levels simultaneously:

  1. Transactional - providing value that is unique and compelling.
  2. Generative - creating the knowledge leadership in your space others depend on.
  3. Scalable - leveraging your contribution for massive adoption and reliance.

This is accomplished through systematically enrolling leaders across your customer base, experts, most important partners, and internal organization. Together there must be value-based alignment, which provides explicit returns for each participant while generating the collective impact to achieve your most important goals.

A strategy is not a success unless it works, producing the results it pursues. It must address three areas:

  1. Your Market - Are you in an expanding or contracting space? Is your market cyclical or opportunistic? Who are your competitors and what are they doing? Where is the opportunity? What are the challenges?
  2. Your Customers - Are they happy with you? Are they regularly surprised with new value they associate with your market leadership? Do they have needs going unmet? How do they perceive your position and value?
  3. Your Capacity - Do you have what you need to face the challenges and rise to the opportunities? What talent, systems, and partners are required to achieve Mission Superiority?

To arrange an interview, contact Seth at (301) 229-2221. Mention that you are inquiring about putting together your organization's strategy and I will return your call within 90 minutes during regular business hours. Or send me an email at Seth@VisionaryLeadership.com.

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