Last week I was in sunny Clearwater, Florida, with a group of “Superfriends.”  This is a group of colleagues that charted a course together some four years ago to provide mutual personal support and help with the growth of our solo consultancies.  Our professed motto was “6 to 8,” which stands for moving from 6-figure businesses to 8-figure businesses.

Foundational to our newly formed group were two ideas:
(1) the move from 6- to 8-figures was a metaphor. It didn’t really matter how much money we made. What did matter was that we raised our sights, upped our game and went for all-out success, however, we defined it.
(2) Quality of life was not to be sacrificed for business success. Each of us has outside interests that we are unwilling to compromise. For me, it is my health and the time for and quality of relationships with my family and close friends.

The secret sauce in the original combination of superfriends was this, I invited people I admired who were ahead of me on the trail, running more successful businesses than I and clearly interested in the quality of life.  Over the last four years, we have become very close friends.

I learn so much from each of them. Every session keeps my flywheel spinning, helping me to establish good habits, set aspirational goals, and address my most challenging issues. Each of my superfriends is in a related, but not competitive space. And each is gaining greater prominence in their chosen field.

These are my superfriends:
Lisa McLeod – originator of “Noble Purpose” and best-selling author
Scott Edinger – expert in Leadership for Revenue Growth and acclaimed author
Robbie Baxter – author of the international bestseller, “The Membership Economy”
Libby Wagner –   The “Boardroom Poet” helping executives create dramatic, memorable impact, and founder of the Studio – “the antidote to business as usual.”
Scott Wintrip – “high velocity hiring” expert, helping companies hire the talent they need without delay and author of the bestseller, ‘High Velocity Hiring”

Who are your superfriends? They may not be work-related, but instead, help you with an area where your personal energy and passion meet.

“One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and be understood.”
– Lucius Annaeus Seneca