Here in the United States we celebrate Thanksgiving this
Thursday – a time when people of all persuasions take time to eat
dinner with loved ones and express their gratitude. In this day and
age, everyone is so interconnected that appreciation quickly
highlights how interdependent we all are.

One of the most powerful tools I teach in my work is the list of
the Most Valuable Players.
These are the people who midwife change. Their attention and
understanding is paramount to success. (For specific guidance, see
my recent column on the American Express website, Find Your Most Valuable

I actually sit down with my clients and make a written list of
the people whom we depend upon for success. It is always amazing
what diversity the list includes, how many different kinds of
people are necessary to bring a new change into the world.

The same thing happens as I appreciate everything fundamental to
a self-authored life. My list includes the mailwoman, who
consistently delivers my post regardless of the weather (either
atmospheric or political); my mechanic who keeps my family safe as
we travel around the country on our various trips; my
representative who helps me to find the best audiences for my
topics; my wife, Laura, and son, Gabriel, who support and love me,
guiding my growth at home.

There are so many who together make our world safe and free, so
that we can flourish mentally, physically, and spiritually. It’s an
invisible web of support that makes it possible for dreams to
literally come true.

Driving Growth in a Sluggish Economy – next in my executive

Thurs, Dec. 9, 7:30-10:00 am at the Washington DC Board of Trade I
will be presenting a topic I am passionate about, strategies and
tactics for using a challenging market to achieve business growth.
Included will be my list of “30 Ways to Grow in Tough Times.”

This event is more than an executive seminar. 100% of the
proceeds will go be donated to the Columbia Lighthouse for the
Blind. Columbia’s CEO, Tony Cancelosi, will be on hand to share
groundbreaking achievements this year including new programs to
serve veterans and a mobile van unit. My seminar will serve as a
unique opportunity to bring business leaders together to support
the work of the Columbia Lighthouse for the Blind while providing
insight and practical guidance for growing in today’s difficult
economy. To RSVP, please visit the Events section of my