Upbeat Ambiance

At our upcoming Design Summit for the Grand Challenge to eliminate the stigma around mental health and substance use disorders, we want our attendees to be in a collaborative mood, upbeat, and ready to be creative together. The ambiance is important. I pay particular attention to the music played when attendees enter the room when they work at their tables, and during breaks. Of course, we are considering various ways to lift the mood, including interaction, decorations, flowers, and more.

Serendipitously my wife just released her fourth music video, which provides a great lift-up! Click play on the video to watch this 3-minute piece. We will be playing her video as participants enter the room on the first day and when they leave at the end of the summit on the second day.

At all my Grand Challenge events, I pay special attention to how we set the mood. Not only will we be playing this great video, but we’ll also form a double reception line so that every person receives a warm welcome as they enter the room for the first time. It’s a great way to start things off right. And we’ll intentionally continue that spirit through to the end.

Sharing this video with your friends and colleagues might brighten someone’s day and goes a long way in support of an independent artist.

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