Sometimes this amazing feeling washes over me, an internal indicator that my life has embarked on an exciting new adventure. I pay special attention to my circumstances when this happens because I treasure the feeling. This last week I started reading several books simultaneously, and made a list of 20 books I am really looking forward to reading this year, and this very feeling swept over me. I have the distinct feeling that these books are going to change me in powerfully positive ways. My list included fiction as well as non-fiction. The only thing the list had in common was that I really want to read all of these books. I love to read, and so it would make sense that embarking upon a supercool list would give me a great sense of positive anticipation.

One great aspect of this feeling of adventure is that it literally gives me extra energy. First of all, the excitement itself generates my drive, which is one of my favorite experiences. Secondly, I begin to devote discretionary time and energy to the object of my attraction, which embellishes my experience and results with the additional investment and enthusiasm.

It’s my responsibility to put myself in these kinds of situations, those that activate me. It is a primary responsibility of adulthood to place yourself in situations (jobs, relationships, volunteer work, hobbies) that excite you and draw out the best in you. This is what generates your inner genius, the unique contributions and creativity you are capable of bringing to life.

What can you do in the coming week that will activate your verve?

“The delight of opening a new pursuit, or a new course of reading, imparts the vivacity and novelty of youth even to old age.”
– Isaac D’Israeli