Visionary CEO Community

Harness the winds of change! Reimagine and reinvent your organization!

What if you could grow your organization 5 years, in just 18 months?

The Visionary CEO Community is an exclusive group of professional colleagues who spot each other, just like spotters at the gym. We challenge each other to think bigger, be bolder, take greater risks for larger gains, and at the same time conduct the work in a safe environment where you work through your toughest issues and get new options for overcoming your biggest challenges.  This group is qualitatively different than previous CEO communities because it is all about playing big, taking your organization forward in leaps and bounds during this unique juncture in our nation’s story. In addition to your peers, I provide provocative readings, expert facilitation, running us through scenarios that build executive vision and muscle.

Through my meetings with CEOs since March 2020 I have had the chance to learn first-hand the impact of our world’s disruptions, from the pandemic to a national outcry over racial inequity, from economic job loss to supply chain disruption, and all in a contentious political environment. What does this really mean for associations, the professional societies, trade associations, and certification organizations?

I discovered visionary CEOs who saw current times as a unique pressure cooker making it possible to accelerate growth, cut through red tape, make decisions fast, slash board decision time, sunset products and services that do not justify resources, hire new skillsets, enroll diverse and younger volunteer leaders, engage new stakeholders. I call them proactive evolutionary leaders. Proactive because they jump into the driver’s seat. Evolutionary because they are building on the past, adapting to the present so they can prosper in the future.

I am forming this Visionary CEO community now, to be kicked off in 2021. Limited to 10 CEOs there are 8 openings as of this writing. We will meet every 2 months for 2-3 hours per session for the next 18 months. Participants will earn 36 hours CAE credit, with additional credits possible. Cost is $5,995. If you are interested, contact me at or my office at 301-229-2221.

Participants in the Visionary CEO Community are eligible to receive CAE credits. Visionary Leadership is a CAE Approved Provider.

This program meets the requirements for fulfilling the professional development requirements to earn or maintain the Certified Association Executive credential. Every program that we offer which qualifies for CAE credit will clearly identify the number of CAE credits granted for full participation, and we will maintain records of your participation in accord with CAE policies. For more information about the CAE credential or Approved Provider program, please visit

As a CAE Approved Provider educational program related to the CAE exam content outline, this program may be applied for credits toward your CAE application or renewal professional development requirements.

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