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What people are saying about the VLA

“With Visionary Leadership Academy you get a richer and more continual process of gaining additional knowledge, expertise, people and resources to be even more effective in a current leadership role or role you’d like to take on in future.”

— Chris McEntee, CEO
American Geophysical Union

“I’ve attended a lot of events that are sort of mundane and often found myself teaching others more than I was learning. At Visionary Leadership Academy, I was impressed by the quality of the participants in the class, all very talented, smart people with different levels of experience. During the course, almost everyone in the course got a promotion—which speaks to the caliber of the people as well as the course.”

— Frank Krause, CEO
Federation of American Societies of Experimental Biology

“Going through the process with Seth opened my mind to thinking about things differently. Without that perspective, I wouldn’t be the same leader, the same person I am today.”

— Kevin Madden, COO and CFO
National Apartment Association