Visionary Leadership Academy - 2020

My Visionary Leadership Academy (VLA)

was started on the recommendation of the American Geophysical Union's Chris McEntee, a long time participant in my CEO workshops and peer groups. She wanted her senior team to have the same concepts I teach CEOs. Because of her I bring in content that has been developed through the leadership curricula I developed specially for association boards, executive teams, and CEOs. This includes: strategic foresight, enterprise-level results, leading change, disruptive innovation, and taking control of your professional development... all in the context of visionary leadership.

The executives who attend my Visionary Leadership Academy are exemplars when it comes to professional development and career growth. Four alum have gone on to become CEOs of associations, and all of them will be at the upcoming academy on March 10! I design the academy so it provides rocket fuel to your professional growth. During the academy participants each create a personal roadmap for career growth. I provide the template and the process.

The two things that make the academy especially valuable are,

  1. my relentless focus on professional excellence through concrete skill acquisition and experiential development, and
  2. the leaders who attend, your peers. It's a yin-yang double-whammy that every participant receives: stimulating content and a community of colleagues who share stories, strategies, and tactics for excelling at work. 

I hope you will join me!