While in the Pacific Northwest this last week, my son and I were surrounded by the smoke from wildfires on all sides. Seattle and Portland exceeded industrial China’s pollution levels. We traveled north across the border into Canada where the smoke was less but still palpable.

When we brought up Canadian maps that portrayed the many fires around us, they stopped abruptly at the border and the USA was blank. Canada weather sites only displayed the Canadian conditions. The USA’s weather maps were the same, showing only what was south of the border. But there was ring of Fire that surrounded Seattle and Vancouver that was hard to see.

It seems silly – or perhaps even dangerous – to have a national-centric map when it comes to overarching weather conditions.

We are all connected, intertwined in a mutual destiny. Is there someone you want to reach out to who is different from, yet connected to you? This may be your week!

The sky is bigger than any country.

– William Stafford