Frame and Build the Case

Creating a social movement is critical to the success of a Grand Challenge and other change initiatives. In previous issues of Visionary Talk, we’ve explored the 10 Key Elements of Creating a Social Movement, as identified by a research team led by Dr. Christina Economos. Click here to learn more about Dr. Economos’s work studying the success of grand challenges such as seatbelt use, smoking cessation, and breastfeeding.

I’ve clustered the ten key elements of creating a social movement into three phases:

  1. frame and build the case
  2. gather allies
  3. implement the plan.

In upcoming issues, we’ll take a deeper dive into each of the three phases. Today, we’ll cover the first – frame and build the case. This phase involves the first three of the ten key elements to creating a social movement:

  1. frame the crisis
  2. science-based research
  3. economics

Watch the video above to learn:

  • why your grand challenge or change initiative should be framed as a crisis and not an aspirational goal
  • the importance of gathering, using, and making available science-based evidence to support your initiative
  • and why you’ll need to show a financial return on the goals of your grand challenge.

These three elements – framing the crisis, science-based research, and economics – make up the first phase of creating a social movement- framing and building the case. Together, the ten key elements to creating a social movement will put you in a position to deliver your grand challenge with the best possible results.

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