it be cool if you could tell which opportunities lead to long term
success and which don’t?

It’s hard in today’s complex world, with competing
demands, multiple stakeholders, and constantly changing circumstances.
That’s why I invented the multi-scope strategy I outline below.

Before you take a look, just remember this: the
best leaders rely on their guts as well as their minds.
That’s because
they have chalked up so much experience, their intution is an able
partner to their mind.

Now, here’s something to use when you’re looking
for help to decide whether or not to pounce on an opportunity. In my
work with leaders I often use this Multi-Scope
to make decisions on which opportunities to pursue and
which to let go. find this image at http://sethstuffcom.ipage.com/MMM/20110110MultiScope/KahanMultiScope1.jpg

Think of all opportunities that occur Today as
your near term scope. These are the easiest to identify because they
are what
is happening now.

Then, think of the Future as a combination of
several scopes you want to shoot through. For starters, begin with (1)
your Ideal Market
where you most want to be, and (2) Financial Sustainability, pulling in
all the resources you need to provide best possible value
in perpetuity.

In the best of all worlds, you want to aim Today’s
opportunities so they ultimately satisfy both your Ideal Market
Placement and your Financial Sustainability.

find this image at http://sethstuffcom.ipage.com/MMM/20110110MultiScope/KahanMultiScope2.jpg

This is easier said than done. However, it is worth the effort to give
your best shot. If you are successful you will end up with both the
best possible position in the market and the resources to stay

Maintaining this position is a win for everyone you impact: your
customers, your employees, your partners, and all the players
in your ecology.  It puts you in the best position to generate
significant value for the entire system, excelling at your mission and
pushing the envelope of the growing edge. You will have the resources
to be at your best, and continue to add value as circumstances change –
even when times are challenging.

So, how do you evaluate opportunities that come your way? It is not
always obvious which will lead to the results you are looking for. Some
will appear clearly aligned like the red opportunities below. But, when
you use my multi-scope strategy you can easily see the results they
yield are well
outside your desired target. Others will at first glance seem like long
shots like
the top blue opportunity below. But, it is actually right on track,
which becomes apparent through the scopes.
find this image at http://sethstuffcom.ipage.com/MMM/20110110MultiScope/KahanMultiScope3.jpg
To use this tool you and your thinking partners must take the
time to first identify and then line up the scopes. It’s the same
principle that makes
high-precision marksmanship possible.

Plot the trajectory of each opportunity.
This is done through traditional market analysis. However, without the
multi-scope system, you lack the ability to see if you are going to hit
your bulls-eye. That’s what makes the multi-scope strategy so valuable.

You can download a pdf that shows this strategy in a bit more detail here.