Compound Interest

We have all heard the importance of investing from an early age. I have tried to do that with my son, Gabriel, by taking him on an annual outing since

The Structure of Scientific Revolutions

I’ve been re-reading a classic, “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions” by Thomas Kuhn. It explains how paradigms change. It’s easy to imagine that science is the slow, steady linear progression

Gratitude as a Resource

Gratitude is like a savings account. Fill it up a little every paycheck and when you need a major withdrawal, you’ll have the resources. For me the paycheck comes is

obstacle judo

Obstacle Judo

  This video is about Obstacle Judo. We all know people who focus on the obstacle when presented with a challenge. Successful leaders see the opportunity embedded in and obstacle

The Ritual of Preparation

Today I pulled my camping supplies down out of our attic to prepare for my annual father-son trip. My son, Gabe, and I are heading into the northeast United States

Interview Techniques

In my work, helping to drive change initiatives I interview many leaders, sometimes up to 30 per week. Many are busy CEOs running organizations, who have very little time. So.

Looking Forward

They say in meditation, there are two kinds of activities that keep you from being present, dwelling on the past or planning for the future. I definitely have a proclivity