Happy New Year 2020!

Here’s a little New Year’s gift for you that takes just a few seconds to enjoy.

Dog’s Superpower is Love

Read a great piece about dogs by Clive Wynne, a dog behavior scientist. He admits to once being skeptical of dogs’ unique place in the animal world as uniquely sensitive

Happy Thanksgiving!

I wish you a very special Thanksgiving, one that’s overflowing with appreciation and gratitude. I’ve learned firsthand how appreciation and gratitude can transform my inner experience of life, and it’s

Holly on the Way

It was a brisk morning yesterday when I took my German shepherd, Sita, out. We came upon this beautiful holly plant, wet with the cold drizzle that was all around.

Thank you, Dawn Sweeney!

Today I want to express gratitude for a remarkable leader, Dawn Sweeney who has contributed to my Grand Challenge work and to American families across the nation.    Dawn introduced me


My good friend, Raj Chawla, encouraged me this morning over coffee to consider how results rest in the center of leaders’ relationships. After I made a comment about the importance

Taking the Time to Listen

When I was a professional storyteller I was struck by how rare common storytelling has become in our culture. Prior to the Internet it was not unusual for family gatherings

Digging Deep

In the picture above my daughter, Ruchi is dressed up as Kali for Halloween. Kali is one of the ten great goddesses of Hinduism. She is the destroyer of evil