Taking the Time to Listen

When I was a professional storyteller I was struck by how rare common storytelling has become in our culture. Prior to the Internet it was not unusual for family gatherings

Digging Deep

In the picture above my daughter, Ruchi is dressed up as Kali for Halloween. Kali is one of the ten great goddesses of Hinduism. She is the destroyer of evil

Follow Your Bliss

Three weeks ago I did a Monday Morning Mojo on taking charge of your own education and wrote about an event I was putting together for association CEOs on how

Innovation through Play

My mother received her PhD in early child development when I was a youngster. I was often her test subject. As a result I associated my mother’s love with taking

Giving Your Best

The picture above is me speaking at a couple of weeks ago at a Design Summit for a new Grand Challenge. It was a true honor. I am humbled by

Take Charge of Your Education

The picture above links to a 1-minute video that lays out the content of my upcoming CEOnly session with Susan Neely (CEO American Council of Life Insurers) and Jay Timmons