interaction field

The Interaction Field

  I want to share an exciting new model I’ve discovered in a book titled The Interaction Field, written by Erich Joachimsthaler. The core concept is that we are moving

The World We Share

None of us chooses the circumstances we are born into. War, famine, political struggle, peace, plenty, social progress. They are all determined by forces larger than ourselves, like weather and

Here Comes Spring

Two nights ago was our final frost…or at least it most probably was. Everybody in my neighborhood was out working in their garden. It was a beautiful Sunday, and many


CEO Workshop on Differentiation

  I want to introduce you to Mark Levy, the cohost of my new podcast, Planet of the Associations. Mark is a differentiation expert who has worked with companies, brands,

The Coffee Drinker

I wrote this poem many years ago after reading the Zen teacher, Shitou’s poem, The Grass Roof Hermitage. My apologies to Shitou. the coffee drinker He’s come to drink coffee

Sanctuary in Turbulence

You may know how much I love the blog, True Stories Well Told. A good friend, Sarah White, has been running it since 2010. It’s chock full of great stories by

Creating a Social Movement

Experts are predicting an economic rebound this summer. Many associations are reimagining what’s possible in the years ahead. How do you make sure that new ideas and redesigns will take

Language: Our Treasured Attribute

The oldest written languages we know are about 5,000 years old, Sumerian and Egyptian. Scientists speculate the oldest spoken languages are 50,000 – 300,000 years with the arrival of anatomically