A Place for Everyone

I love that little guy in the picture above with his goggles on. A dog who has a job to do is a happy dog. The article says that the

Soulful Moments

If we are fortunate, we “develop the imaginary resources to go through life and find the soulful moments,” as my close friend Kelly said so eloquently during one of our


Every June my mother’s family has a reunion in Little Washington, Va. Usually, we have around 100, but this year was half that. The coronavirus has taken a large toll.

The Fishing Trip

When I was 14 my father took me on a 2-week excursion into east Texas and Arkansas. We were living in Austin. One of our first stops was Davy Crockett


My wife and I were talking to our contractor about some house remodeling and my wife said casually, “Our house is falling apart.” “It is not!” I snapped back. Of

Spring Gardens

We had a very long spring here in Washington, DC. For those of us who garden that means a strong season for lettuce, spinach, and other plants that grow in