Beyond Individual Needs

How many colors can we see? Around 4 million, but all of them are combinations of just three colors that our eyes are designed to see: red, blue, and green.

Tell them about the dream!

When Martin Luther King, Jr, prepared his remarks for his speech in front of the Lincoln Memorial during the March on Washington he originally planned to make it short and

Because I Have Children

My mother, Diana Weaver Kahan, was a poet. Not a published poet, but a lover of poetry who read to me regularly and occasionally wrote her own. Above is her


The key for me in all areas where I either want to improve my life or must admit I have fallen short: self-compassion. It doesn’t always come easy, but when

Roots and New Growth

After I graduated with a BA in mathematics I started graduate school. At the same time, at the age of 20, I started an experimental theater company, Waggo Makes Connexxions.

Tis the Night Before Christmas!

Tonight, is a magical night for millions of children around the world, the night before Christmas. I’d like to share a reading of the poem that defined Santa Claus in


As the northern hemisphere enters the colder months and today is the Winter Solstice, when the longest night prevails, I thought it appropriate to express love, loyalty, and enthusiasm for

Supporting Local Change

Global Harmony Through Personal Excellence is a small organization here in the Washington, DC, area, run by a very close and loved friend of mine with the support of volunteers.

Holiday Aspirations for Associations

Associations have a special place in this world. We reach out through society and encompass people of all political persuasions, ethnicities, gender orientations, the marginalized, and the mainstream. Our arms