mathI loved math in college. I could definitely have finished my graduate studies and become a math teacher – I think it’s still in me today.

Sometimes I fantasize about that parallel universe. How might things have been different for me if I had finished graduate school instead of following the path I took, choosing street theater over the classroom?

Well, I guess I will never know. At least in this universe! But, it doesn’t mean math is no longer part of my life.

I love science. Mathematics has opened so many doors for me, helping me to understand the world in profound ways. For example, with an appreciation of probability theory I don’t play the lottery. It just seems to me to be a tax on those who don’t understand the odds.  And I am absolutely sure there is intelligent life out in the universe given the sheer size of what we know is out there, let alone what we don’t know is out there.

But, more than any of that, I appreciate the complex patterns I see in the natural world. From the unfurling of a fern to the shape of bubbles on the surface of the C&O Canal that runs parallel to the Potomac near my house.  Math has always been elegant, providing ways of understanding the world that make sense of the complex and the obscure. It gives me joy to this day.

I sometimes dip into the parallel universe where I am teaching mathematics and borrow some of its magic to enliven and revitalize my day-to-day activity. What parallel universe is a resource for you?

We are actually living in a million parallel realities every single minute.

– Marina Abramovic