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10 Key Elements of a Social Movement

Associations work best when everyone from the CEO to members and volunteers is aligned around a common objective. The clearer the objective, the stronger the pieces that come together to support an initiative for greater impact.

What does it take to create a social impact? There are 10 Key Elements to Social Movement.

I have long studied the work of Dr. Christina Economos, who, along with other researchers studied how the US made a 180-degree turn in four different initiatives: recycling, breastfeeding, seatbelt use, and tobacco cessation. At the successful end of each of these, the entire nation including industry, professions, politicians and the general population had completely changed our behavior and attitudes.

Through her studies, Dr. Economos identified the 10 Key Elements of Social Movement. I often use Dr. Ecoonomos’ research in my work. Watch the video above to learn how I apply the 10 Key Elements of Social Movement to initiatives large and small.