We are coming to the close of a tremendously stressful year. This has been a particular hit for the association community, which generates value by bringing people together. In that regard it has been an extraordinary year, filled with heroic efforts by many associations to make the best of the virtual environments with which we are stuck.

2021 will force associations to reinvent themselves. My best clients are using the stresses to accelerate their evolution, to become proactive in making changes that have been in the wings for a long time. Now they must rely on those changes.

I’m calling the new year, 2021: the Year of the Game Change for associations. I’ll be looking at what associations are doing to create new value.

I’m going to share a process for taking an in-depth look at your central meeting and retooling it so that it delivers value to all of your stakeholders. That is key as we reinvent associations for the 21st century. We need to understand the constraints that we’re facing, be realistic about what they are, and do moonshots to deliver value.