I love the early days of spring because I can plant lettuces and spinach for our salads over the next couple of months. These grow in the cool days between winter and summer, and then again in the fall. Their season is short, but a wonderful harvest awaits when we pluck their leaves to bring to our table for a homegrown addition to meals.

In my work, I am often brought in to help launch new initiatives. This includes jumpstarting a strategic plan or initiating a culture change, and sometimes both together. As an outsider, I can easily see the changes that need to be made, and with my background helping organizations as diverse as the Peace Corps, the World Bank and the Council of Better Business Bureaus to shift into new ways of working I bring time-tested strategies and tactics to bear. I help launch the first phase of growth, as the organization shifts into a new season. There’s a lot of similarities between my work and the gardens of early spring and late fall. Once you know what thrives in that transition zone, it can be a real joy to see new ways take root and flourish.

How will you use these early days of spring to your advantage this week? Are there special activities you can focus on that thrive this time of year, or in this phase of your work?

“No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn.”
– Hal Borland